Download AOA110 3310

Flash BIOS on AOA110 to version 3310

This guide is specifically for the Acer Aspire One AOA110 if this is not the device you have please don't attempt to use this file or guide as it may cause damage to your laptop.

• Download the AOA110 3310 files by pressing the download button on the left. • Extract the contents of the ZIP onto your memory stick • Make sure that the laptop is turned off and the power cable is in • Plug the USB stick in • Press and HOLD the FN and ESC key TOGETHER • Whilst holding FN and ESC press the power button • Release the power button and continue holding FN and ESC for about 5 seconds. • Release the buttons and the power light will start to blink • Let the laptop run and DO NOT press anything! This can take up to 10 minutes to complete, once it's done the laptop will restart and it should work. If it didn't work for you try again, maybe you released the keys or your timing was off. BIOS files and guide provided by Joecox406.

By following this guide you are doing so at your own risk! Acerbiosfix takes no responsibility for any problems that occur during or after this process. You can view our full liability disclaimer here